CRITICAL PATCH: Ideas Digital Forum 2018 Publication

Year:  2019
Clients:  KAPSULA Magazine in partnership with The Robert McLaughlin Gallery (RMG) & Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG)
Format:  Interactive PDF

This publication was the result of a year-long partnership between KAPSULA Magazine, RMG and OAAG to somehow document the 2-day Ideas Digital Forum that took place in late October 2018 in Oshawa, Ontario. Because The RMG was already producing a digital toolkit as part of the forum, so the approach to this publication became less about pure documentation of the event and more about capturing provocations and ongoing questions in the aftermath of the forum. In particular, the idea of "patching" or the temporary fix of a computer system that, while still functional, is in need of a major update. In this case, the update is the call for museums and art galleries to better align their mandates with digital practices.

This document is interactive, containing hyperlinks, rollover images, and hidden captions and notes. To access the interactive content you will need to download the PDF, and open it in either Adobe Acrobat X+ or Adobe Reader DC.

BORN DIGITAL Publication

Year:  2018
Client(s):  KAPSULA Magazine & InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre
Format:  Interactive PDF

Published through KAPSULA PRESS in partnership with InterAccess, this special edition of the arts writing magazine offers a critical response to the 2018 Vector Festival—an annual showcase of game art and emergent digital media held in various locations across Toronto.

This document is interactive, containing hyperlinks, rollover images, and hidden captions and notes. To access the interactive content you will need to download the PDF, and open it in either Adobe Acrobat X+ or Adobe Reader DC.

Subtle Technologies v.19 Marketing Materials

Year:  2016
Client:  Subtle Technologies
Formats:  Postcard; printed program; digital press kit

During my three-year tenure as Artistic Director of the Subtle Technologies Festival, I also acted as the designer for all print and web marketing materials. For the 19th edition of the Festival, events explored the future of textiles and wearable technologies, and I wanted to emphasize the relationship between patterns in textiles and the patterned nature of coding languages that construct and power our technosocial environment. I chose to work with a detail view of a piece by an artist in the Festival's exhibition, Phillip David Stearn. His series Vestigial Data (2015) used 'found' data from discarded hard drives as raw material to input into a Jacquard loom, which then produced textiles that visualized the patterns in the found data. Used in everything but the Web banner, Stearn's piece was an important departure point as it determined colour palette and typographic 'feel' through its geometric and grainy aesthetic.

Postcard design (front and back):

Web banner—to be used in social media posts and e-newsletters:

This is the cover for the oversized printed program, which could be detached and displayed as a poster (12 x 18 inches)

To get a discount on the print job, all the programs had to be folded and collated individually...

This particular version of the festival also had a strong PR dimension, with a dedicated publicist, so a formal digital press kit was developed. The document was designed in a 'modular' fashion that so that each event was confined to a single page, making it easy to extract and used for targeted send outs:

KAPSULA Magazine Identity

Year:  2013-14
Client:  KAPSULA Magazine
Formats:  Print and Web-ready graphics

KAPSULA Magazine ran for three volumes from 2013-2017, and was an imprint of KAPSULA PRESS of which I am a co-founder and the Managing Editor. KAPSULA Magazine was a monthly online art criticism and culture writing publication that meshed an analog and digital publication model. Able to move faster than print pubilcations, the magazine published an average of 13 times per year and partnered with art galleries and academic institutions to deliver special issues on salient topics.

The logo and identity are meant to convey an uncompromising and bold aesthetic with nods to Constructivism and Soviet era propaganda posters.

Initial 2-colour logo (2013-14):

KAPSULA Magazine original logo

Updated 2-colour logo and B/W version (2015-present):

KAPSULA Magazine updated logo KAPSULA Magazine updated logo, black and white version

Logo variation for the monthly newsletter:

Web advertisement for the inaugural issue:

Adaptation of the graphic mark within the magazine:

Select covers of the Magazine from its first year of production:

Blacklist Vintage Identity

Year:  2009-10
Client:  Blacklist Vintage
Formats:  Print & Web-ready graphics, business cards, printed program, interior and exterior signage

Blacklist Vintage is a locally-owned and renowned hot spot for high-quality vintage clothing and rare finds in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It's situated near Eat Street in the eclectic and trendy Whittier neighbourhood, just south of downtown. When asked to re-do their logo, business cards and website all in the same year, I captialized on the chance to give them a consistent graphic identity. As more projects occurred, the identity grew—including a set of icons representing the shop's different goods. These were eventually hand-painted onto the storefront (documented below).

Finalized, 2-colour logo:

Blacklist Vintage logo

Business card, front and back sides:

Blacklist Vintage business card

Poster for their Grand Re-Opening, in their new location in 2010:

Blacklist Vintage Grand Re-Opening Poster

Lookbook for the Grand Re-Opening fashion show:

Blacklist Vintage lookbook

Details of two spreads from the lookbook:

Blacklist Vintage lookbook (detail) Blacklist Vintage lookbook (detail)

Sidewalk signage:

Blacklist Vintage sidewalk signage

Multi-purpose set of custom icons and lettering, extrapolated from logotype:

Blacklist Icons

These icons were then hand-painted onto the storefront:

handpainted icons on the storefront handpainted icons on the storefront

They were transferred using printouts with graphite on the back:

transferring the hat icon and type

Me painting the storefront:

Me painting the icons

I was assisted by the lovely, talented HMH.

Hannah painting View from across the street

Sew Simple Identity

Year:  2009
Client:  Sew Simple
Formats:  Print & Web-ready graphics, business cards, interior signage

Sew Simple is family-owned alterations and custom clothing shop in the Whittier neighbourhood of Uptown Minneapolis. At the time that I took on this project, Sew Simple operated in the same building as another client of mine: Blacklist Vintage. This project involved designing a logo, business cards, web graphics and signage for their grand opening. The client made very clear that the objective was to create something clean and simple, but also clever and a bit quirky.

Finalized logo:

logo for Sew Simple

Alternate versions of the logo with a spot colour:

Business cards:

Sew Simple business cards

Mounted-vinyl signage over the cashwrap:

Sew Simple signage